About NW Snowdog Rescue


NW Snowdog Rescue was formed, in July 2014 for several reasons: Over the last 2-3 years practically all the Siberian Husky rescues in the NW either closed down or scaled back (due to age) or went on hiatus (due to family situations). So some longtime volunteers felt that something needed to be done to fill the gap.

The non-profit registration with the State of Washington has been done and we have also received the federal Determination Letter approving the organizations 501(c)(3) status. Consequently, all donations to our rescue are tax deductible.


NWSR does not have a shelter location, we are entirely dependent on foster homes , hence our fosters are spread all over the NW – WA/OR/ID. This unfortunately limits us.

All of our rescues are fully vetted: spayed/neutered, vaccinated (incl. rabies) and microchipped. It is not unusual that dogs will need additional medical care.

List of wonderful dogs who are looking for their forever home.


Since our rescues come from a multitude of backgrounds (most of them bad or very bad) we make sure that their new homes will offer the best possible situation.

You can contact NWSR at nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com.

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, we ask that you complete an adoption application to tell us more about your particular set up. Then we will follow up with a home visit. The home visit ensures that there is an appropriate enclosure, such as a 6 foot fence for the dog. Then the adoption agreement can be discussed. If you feel you can foster, the same procedure applies. Please see the forms available on this site. Each dog does have an adoption fee, this helps our organization to cover the expense of spays/neuters and other medical needs for all of the dogs that come into rescue. Quite often adoption fees do not cover all the expenses, donations are greatly appreciated.

If you feel you can make a donation, please send it to

NW Snowdog Rescue
37019 N. Findley Road
Deer Park, WA 99006