VADER – Seattle Area

Meet three year old (66 #) Vader, who went on one cat hunt too many, got arrested and, taking a page out of the play book of his favorite prey,  landed with all four paws in the most wonderful foster home!

So far we know that he appears to respect the elder female in his foster home. What he wanted to do was: play, but she would not be up to it.

On his first afternoon/evening he marked his outside territory, but refrained from doing so inside. He hasn’t tried to jump but gives kisses and likes to be petted. He did great in the car and easily walks into a crate. Because of his great strength he needs a strong hand on leash, but can be a wonderful walking partner. He loved chasing a ball. But the crowning glory for his first night was a song of gratitude: dogs and coyotes were singing off in the distance and suddenly he pointed his nose skyward and joined in the chorus! He decided that he would rather sleep outside, but since he ended up barking is now clipped into his sleeping corner. He is not happy left alone in the kennel, but has to accept the facts of life.

Obviously looking at his past and the general high prey drive of huskies, he will need a securely fenced yard top and bottom.

A friend of his foster parents declared that he was VERY nice – compliant, calm and confident. This is confirmed by the foster parents: He is a really nice boy and accepts corrections well. One thing has not changed: He REALLY wants to get to the other side of the fence!

His adoption fee is $200 including neuter, vaccinations and micro chip.

If you are interested in this boy, please contact us at