ALASKA (Allie) – North ID

Meet 3 year old Alaska, AKA Allie or, as her foster Mom called her “One Lucky Bitch”.  This sweet girl and her nine months old sidekick (Thunder) managed to escape and proceeded to kill 2 of neighbor’s goats. Neighbor meted out frontier justice. The bullet caught her on the right side of her face. This happened sometime in mid-June. They did not hit Facebook until the middle of July! She underwent surgery several weeks after the event (don’t ask – it’s amazing she is still alive) removing  four teeth on the right side and a bullet fragment. Amazingly the jaws still align perfectly and she should be able to lead a perfectly normal life. All the pictures in this post were taken AFTER the event. Foster Mom can’t get over how sweet and well mannered this girl is. She currently lives with a pack of about 10 other huskies. She is housebroken. She is great in the car.  Obviously she will need a super secure fence, top and bottom (foster Mom says she’s a super digger), so she cannot follow her inborn prey drive .

There was a whole village involved in saving Alaska and Thunder. There are too many to mention: canine FB friends, other rescues, the shelter that eventually ended up with the pair. A wonderful husky friend who offered to pull them from the Tacoma shelter and foster them temporarily until we would be able to bring them over to ID. There are gaps we can’t fill but we are so grateful to everyone.

Her adoption fee is $200 which includes spay, vaccinations and micro chip. We won’t even mention the surgery fees!

If you want to add Alaska to your family, please contact