HAUSER – Courtesy Listing – Boise

Size: Large | Age: Adult | Gender: Male | Breed: Siberian Husky

Hello everyone. My name is Hauser and I came into rescue with my sister, Ella. We both got into a lot of trouble chasing and attacking a goat after we were able to get loose. We were going to be put to sleep by animal control, but the nice people at Emerald Street Kennels agreed to take us in if Moonsong would help find us a good home where we would be happy and safe. So here we are in Boise, ID!

We are typical huskies – very vocal, sweet, like to pull like crazy on leash – just a fun loving couple! We are both in good health around 4 years old. Everyone here is just getting to know us. In our past life we lived with little kids and small dogs. It’s just that northern breed prey drive that got us in trouble. So we will need good containment to keep us safe and out of trouble. A fence at least 6 feet high and possibly dig guard will be needed if we start digging. And we will need lots of exercise! We could be great bikejoring or skijoring dogs!

Ella and I have been together our whole lives and we’d love to stay together, if possible. We get along great, but we are also a handful, so we will need experienced northern breed owners. We are house trained and like to go for rides. Will we be taking a ride home with you?

Moonsong is helping with the placement of Ella and Hauser, so please contact Katy: We will be thorough in screening appropriate homes which will include a home visit, checking references and your vet.

Hauser needs a home without very young children who could open gates by mistake and let him out!