KODA – Spokane Area

Koda is one special boy. He was born in Feb. 2013 in Japan! His family adopted him at age two months and brought him with them to the US. He was (still is) much loved by them. However his basic instinct took over, as is common with the breed, when he helped himself to some ultra fresh Colonel Sanders and, worse, he started to play with a horse. Nobody got hurt, but the ACO confiscated him and threatened with euthanasia. The only option left: move the dog out of the county in western WA and surrender to rescue. It was a tearful parting. The little boy left a special gift with him he just wanted to show his love and concern for his almost lifelong companion.

KODA lived with two children and another dog. Unfortunately his Dad broke his back and was no longer able to run and jog with him. That is something he sorely needs. KODA needs a very experienced home. At 55 lbs he is extremely strong and needs to learn (or relearn) some limits. His new home should not be in the vicinity of any agricultural establishment where he would be constantly tempted to try and find an escape hatch. His fixation on the cats at the kennel where he is currently housed was extraordinary. On the other hand, with his family indoors he appears to be a loving, dedicated pet. His stunning looks are just a bonus. KODA misses his family and has dreams of having another family to love him and spend quality time with him.  If possible, he would like a home that has another husky to play with. He will need a super safe/secure fence. He had been adopted but managed to get out a gate. When he gets out that prey drive of his goes into overdrive, whilst with the family he is a super sweet loving boy.


The adoption fee of $200 includes spay-neuter, all vaccines and microchip.

 If you would like more information on KODA please contact nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com