JAZZY – Oregon – Adoption Pending

Jazzy came to us from Coos County Animal Shelter.  This poor girl was tossed around from place to place since she was very young.  She never had the chance to become a well behaved girl.  Now, in her foster home, she has learned so much in such a short time.  She has so much puppy energy and loves to just play and run and run and run.  As we all know Huskies, they can be stubborn, and boy she sure can push her limits.  With love, positive correction, she has made tremendous improvements.  Jazzy is Crate trained and leash trained.  She is super friendly to everyone, including dogs, small and large, as well as her humans, 5 years old and up( we prefer 10 years).  She will allow us to pick her up and hold her like a small child and will cuddle you and lick your ears if you let her.  She allows us to handle her, ears, feet, tail and mouth, which the vets are thankful for.  She enjoys playing with all her foster brothers and sisters, i.e. 4 other Huskies and two small minpins.  She can get a little pesky at times, and is still learning the “Leave It” command.  She loves to sit in your lap when all the other furkids are down.  Also as we all know, Huskies can be runners and bolters, so this girl is no exception from that, she will take off in the blink of an eye.  She is very smart and will learn fast, exactly where every door is to the outside.  She is not a digger, but she is a climber.  So, a fully enclosed yard with top protection is a must for this girl.  Her drive to escape will be curbed a little once she gets used to the fact you are not leaving her alone in an enclosed area for lengthy periods of time.  She does have a strong prey drive for smaller  animals, including chickens, Rabbits, Squirels, etc.

She will go in her crate for the evening or if you have to leave as long as she is with another next to her.  She does not do “lonely” very well at all.


If you are Husky savvy and have another pack member for Jazzy to play with and have the Pack leader mentality, then this Beautiful, young baby is your gal.  Please contact : NWsnowdogrescue@aol.com