Lucy is full of energy!! She is almost 2 years old.  She likes to play fetch, but like most huskies doesn’t always release. Likes to go for car rides. Likes to play in a kiddie pool and splash. She likes to dig. She has had some obedience training. Does well with sit, shake, down, come and stay in a confined area. Likes to sleep on your bed.

She will sleep in an extra-large crate if need be, but prefers to sleep with you. Lucy was abused as a young puppy, she has come a long way with training but is still sometimes mouthy or will jump up on you.  She has been working on these issues.  She should only go to a home with older children (13 and older).

She would LOVE to go to a home with another husky to play with or to be with another dog her size or bigger to play with and get rid of some energy. Because she was abused as a puppy, she is not a cuddling dog.  She likes to be petted once in a while. She is most happy being able to run and play with her toys or other dogs. No small animals. She will need secure fencing to prevent her from chasing critters outside her realm. She is spayed and current on shots.