This is little Samson. He was born in mid-July 2019 and given away by the BYB to a 16 year old – they didn’t want anything to do with puppies anymore!  The parents of the young girl said :” no way”, but were responsible enough to take him to the vet for his first puppy shots on 9/12/2019 before contacting rescue for help. NW Snowdog has since had the wee guy evaluated by the ophthalmologist at EWU. The verdict: without going into fancy language – there is nothing that can be done to restore vision. At some point in the future as he grows he may develop eye pain and then it will become necessary to remove the eyes.

Meanwhile here is the evaluation from his two foster homes: 

<<< Don’t tell him he is disabled! He has all the spunk and grit of any
“normal” puppy, and true to his Siberian heritage, he is already trying to
escape boundaries, so make sure they are good ones!>>>

He loves toys and different textures, he loves people. Sleeps in his crate and is getting close to being house trained. 

HE IS VERY SMART. One of them suggested to train him for scent work. 

Because of his blindness there will be extra requirements for his perfect home: few or, better still, no stairs at all – unless they are safely blocked off at all times. A home that doesn’t move furniture around and has safe open spaces. A not too large yard with few obstacles that he can safely roam in. Whenever out of his safe environment: home or yard, he must always, always be on leash. It would be too easy for him to take one false step and be in a huge world of hurt. On the plus side – because he can’t see them, cats may not be an issue, but he also doesn’t need a little barking ankle biter getting in his face. Children should be older so they will approach him properly. 

If you feel you are able to deal with his special needs and willing to give him a safe forever home, please contact