If there is such a thing as a STARTER HUSKY, you are looking at him. 6 year old Eli still has some of the husky trademarks, like prey drive and escapism. So chickens, cats and smaller dogs should never be in his presence. And although he is great with older kids – doors opening and closing as kids rush through are just what he loves – so a calmer, quieter household might be better. But other than that he is the most laid back boy you would want to have. He is enthusiastic when meeting new people, but can be calmed down quickly. He could roam the steep, brush covered 1 ½ acres but he’ld rather spend time being close to his human. When foster mom leaves the place (as little as possible) he willingly walks into the kennel. He is fine with dogs his size, but could happily be an only dog. He loves treats and cuddling and even tolerates being brushed. Oh yes, he talks and talks on occasion, but doesn’t bark. Once in a while he’ll join the resident dogs in the most wonderful choral work. One more thing that should be mentioned: He is THE most expert counter surfer who ever darkened the door at this place!

The adoption fee of $250 includes spay-neuter, all vaccines and microchip.

 If you would like more information on this precious boy please contact nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com