Snow has been adopted.

“I went & met a 2yr old recently spayed female yesterday at OHS. She had been adopted, but was returned because of changes in the family (sick mother moved in with a <probably female> St. Bernard, after only a week). Snow had been spayed before the adoption, & developed an infection while with the family. I’m thinking pain from the infection, & general discomfort, caused her low back sensitivity, touchiness, & behavior issues. 

When I met her yesterday, she had no reservations & came right up to me, was happy to take treats, & allowed me to pet her all over. Because of her issues in the home, I did spend a lot of time petting her back, tail & sides. I only ran my hand over her belly once, but all of this with no reaction at all. No turning of head, ears stayed relaxed, no growls or rumbles, no teeth, nothing. This is why I am thinking the infection played a part in her behavior. Inexperienced people played the other. It sounds like there was no real introduction to the SB, it was just there, 24/7, so no time to adjust. 

She let me handle her mouth & examine her teeth, her ears, & her feet with no issue. She has “sit”, & did ok with a recall using her name, but no real other skills. She did well, & picked up the IYC game (it’s Yer Choice), very quickly. She walked nicely on lead, & took treats very softly. She approached & licked my face, & let me stick my face up closely to hers, in the cone, & happily licked it). Tail was wagging or happily up the entire time. She would be a quick learner with training. She is an adorable, petite, bi-eyed, white (possibly with cream ears & tail, like a cream point Siamese. Could use a bath) girl, who would do well in an experienced home. She loves my boys, but needs slow introduction to girls

Snow is very easy going, & travels well. All of our volunteers fell in love. Contact