ADOPTION PENDING – Hello, my name is Doobie. I am a new foster dog for NWSR and am 8 years old and turning 9 years on Christmas day. Yes I am a Christmas puppy! I have had a hard life. I have never been in a home long enough to call it my home. I was surrendered to a shelter at 4 months and I kept getting adopted but for some reason I kept finding myself back at the shelter. 

I might be 8 years old but I love getting sassy with my foster mom and stomping my feet at her till she will try to chase me. I love playing with my humans but I also love just any attention. I will sit there with you on the couch or just on the porch and let you rub all the fur off of me. Trust me I have a lot of fur to rub! I am really shy around strangers, my foster mom thinks it’s because of how my life has gone but I promise once I warm up to you. Our bond will be forever! 

I don’t have too many downfalls or bad behaviors. I do like the kitchen a lot and that gets me in trouble. Who knew dogs were not allowed on the counters or in the trash…oops! I don’t play with toys, I would prefer one-on-one attention with you more. oh yeah and I am obsessed with your bed. Don’t worry about making the bed because I will grab all the blankets and put them in a big pile and then lay on them. I may even add the pillows and sheets if the pile is not big enough. 

I walk great on a leash, I have never challenged the fence. The grass is green enough on this side. I don’t mind being kenneled at all. I do need a good amount of time outside only because I enjoy it too much. I will play keep-away and make you chase me if I am not ready to come in. I guarantee I am better at the game then you are! I did have a friend living with me at the last couple houses and currently living with other huskies. I like the girls more than the boys but I prefer they are mellow like I am. I don’t like being jumped on or picked on too much. I prefer to stroll the backyard or neighborhood together and maybe play here and there.

This week I have to go to the vet…I have a couple of bad teeth that need to be pulled – my teeth hurt, but thanks to my foster mom and rescue for helping me out. If you can spare a few dollars to help with my medical expense I would greatly appreciate it.  Please contact for an application if you would like me to become part of your home. Thank you – I am looking forward to finding a forever home.