My name is Kai, I was born August 8th, 2019. I have done a lot of travelling in my short life. I started in Texas, flew to a home in WA when I was just 15 weeks old. I lived with my first family for 7 months, as I grew older I wanted to be the boss of the four other dogs I lived with, and got into a few scuffles, and then got really sick, I had parvo.  This family spent lots of money to save my life…but I spent too much time at the vet and now I am pretty afraid of vets. After going home, I continued to get into scuffles with my brother, I still wanted to be boss.  My family thought it best to surrender me to a shelter, fighting is not good. I really need a home with just a female and no other males.  The shelter had me neutered, which has helped, but I still really only like females. Another family adopted me, kept me for a couple of months and then for financial reasons couldn’t keep me so they returned me to the shelter…. then one day a miracle happened, the family I had in Texas came into the shelter and actually recognized me – they rescued me, and took me to their home in WA. My Texas family has too many dogs, they rescued me and contacted NW Snowdog Rescue to help me find a proper home – one that is suited for huskies.  I need a home that understands my energy level and a family that enjoys outdoor adventures.  Since I am still a puppy I could use some more training, I am house trained, I know sit – but can only do it for a few seconds. I love to walk on a leash and go for car rides. I do get nervous with new places and new people, I still don’t like the vet.  I really would love a family that has a pretty female for me to play with. I don’t want to be alone. I enjoy kids, but not cats.  I need a yard that is husky proof (six foot fence).  I have had way to many homes in my short life…all I want for Christmas is a forever home. I need a place to gain some confidence, have lots of love given to me, and a family that understands me. Please contact nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com if you would like to make me a member of your family.