Nilah aka Willa


Is under a year old, she is a pretty mellow pup for being so young. Unless she sees a small critter to chase, then she gets very excited. No small animals should be in her home.  She would love a home where she can be the only dog and get all of the attention.  Her current foster home has kids and she is doing well with them. Nilah has been known to be an escape artists, so a 6 ft husky proof yard is a requirement. Nilah would love a home where she can go on leisurely walks, hiking, or hang out with her people and take naps. She is shy at first, taking a little time to warm up to a new environment – then she is great. She is good in the house – doesn’t tear things up. Nilah would do well in a home with a retired family, or a family that works from home. Please contact if you would like to add Nilah to your family.