Danali aka “Dani”

ADOPTED Coming soon…meet Danali, she is approximately 3-4 years old. She is coming from a shelter and would really like a foster home to unwind in. She is coming into rescue this weekend, so not a lot is known about her, she would really like to live in a foster home, she has been in a shelter and has been very stressed out.  She would greatly appreciate a foster home to help her decompress and learn her personality. She was evaluated at the shelter by an experienced northern breed person and this is what was said about her: The Shelter has had her about 1 month, she is very healthy looking, her weight and body mass are great, no hot spots fur is clean no mats, She had been well taken care of, she has great manners, knows sit, lay and gave me a paw when asked with a treat, also knows the command touch with her nose, she was excited when she was out of the kennel, we chilled in a room set up like a living room, she became more relaxed and jumped up on the couch and layed next to me.  With in a short time she was comfortable with me to lay down and roll over for tummy rubs, 

She has a small plastic red football that is her favorite toy, there was no resource guarding when I had it.

We went outside for a walk, she does pull at first but settled down after a little bit, she would look back and look to see if we were coming,

There were a few dogs in site she stopped to look, she wanted to go to them in a play mode but we could redirect her to keep walking, went into a play yard, let her run around, she, was sniffing and checking everything out, she never went into a full run, just trotted around, there was a walking bridge that she like to go under and curl up and lay there, it looked like she felt safe there.

Could not witness how she was with other dogs but they have had her in a small group play time with dogs of her size, she doesn’t do well with larger dogs or very small, so a slow introduction to dogs should be taken. She seemed ok with males and females Children are unknown.

The way she was with me, You could tell she was a inside dog. With patience and more training she well do great. 

“Dani” is located in Medical Lake, WA and needs a 6 ft secure fenced yard) If you would like to foster or give Danali a home please contact nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com