Katana is a super friendly cute little Husky female.

DOB: 04/10/2020. She has a super friendly temperament, has thus far shown no aggressive behavior. She is a total cuddle bug! Katana has shown to be completely submissive, compared to our other two German Shepherds, (one male, one female.) Katana is currently kennel trained when we are away & at night. When it is not raining here in the PNW, she definitely prefers to be outdoors. We currently have a fully fenced back yard with tons of room to play, so she is either basking in the sun out on the deck furniture or running around with a case of the zoomies. When it is raining outdoors, she is allowed to free roam in the dining/kitchen area. She has her amazing good days where she has no accidents (pee), & then out of the blue she backtracks & pees more than once throughout the day. She has recently started to alert us that she wants to go outside by whining & prancing near the backdoor. I’m sure she will be potty trained soon! As this is how my other two alert us. 

As mentioned above, we have two other dogs in the house. Katana gets along with them great the majority of the time, however my youngest GSD is a dominant alpha female who has lately gotten into it with Katana, making me worry about Katanas safety. Katana has always backed down & has never fought back, she’s always the one pinned down. My GSD had never shown this behavior towards another dog, especially another female dog in the house. I do not want to keep Katana in an environment where she needs to be scared and fearful, incase my other girl decides to be too dominant at any given moment. I would like to remove her from this environment early on, before it affects Katanas doggy life. Katana doesn’t deserve that. 

I got Katana at 4 1/2 months (August. 2020), from a previous young couple who could not care for her the way she deserves, so we tried to give her the best home possible here. Unfortunately, with what I mentioned above, I truly hope she would do best in another home with another dog/dogs that are definitely not alpha dogs. We do not have any other pets, nor has she been around cats, bunnies, birds, etc. to know how she will behave around them. 

We are parents to two girls, a 6 year old  & a 1 1/2 year old, & Katana has been nothing but sweet to them. Aside from the puppy teething stage, she has never growled nor taken a bite at either of my girls. Katana has allowed them to lay on her, with our supervision, & has never showed to be bothered by them. I would say she will do great with children around. 

We are saddened to have to rehome Katana, but she truly does deserve to run freely without worry & just be her happy little self. We know that she will find her forever home SOON ♥️ Katana will be spayed and current on shots prior to adoption.

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