Meet Mila! She is a 4 year old Husky mix. I believe she needs a home where she can be your ONLY pet. She was raised with another dog from 10 weeks old and with multiple cats but she has “an only child” personality. She is an alpha with some bully tendencies. She can be dominate and this is why I believe she would do better in a home with no other animals.  She dislikes sharing her toys or food. If a person walks up on her with her toys or dog bowl, she has no issue with you taking them or touching them. She does have separation anxiety from humans and this is why she would do well in a home where people are around all the time. She has been kennel trained but does not like to be locked up for too long or placed in confined areas for too long. She gets anxious and can be destructive. She is a big sweetheart towards people and will actively seek your attention for scratches and kisses. Know that she does have a mind of her own, so listening to your commands isn’t always the first thing on her agenda. It may take 5 times before she finally sits for you and there might be an added moan for dramatic effects on her part. She is NOT food motivated which makes training a little difficult. She is a very lazy pup which is nice on lazy days but also loves her hikes! Car rides are not her most favorite but she will tolerate them if it means an adventure on the other end. She needs a large yard that is completely fenced and preferably staked at the bottom since she loves digging. She was not raised around children so I’m not entirely sure how she would do but she has been around them on small occasions and did very well. She really loved giving them kisses if they let her. 

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