Meet Jack-Jack, he is almost a year-old husky mix. He is a sweetheart. He can be very shy and apprehensive of new things, so a gentle introduction is needed. His family is unable to keep him as they are getting on in years and Jack Jack as any other young puppy has lots of energy. He was food possesive at 6 old weeks, but as we have worked with him on this he has improved, work needs to continue for him on this aspect. He knows sit and wait till we put his food down and say ok. I can pet him and touch his bowl while he is eating now. He can not share food or treats with other dogs, so it is best to feed him separate from other dogs. Jack Jack loves the dogs that live next door to him, he would enjoy living with a female dog. Jack Jack loves to hike, he is current on vaccines and will be neutered soon.  He currently is living near Seattle. He also enjoys playing fetch, he knows “not paws” sit, go lay down, which is different than lay down, he is very treat motivated. His favorite thing is chest and belly rubs.  Jack Jack loves being part of a family and enjoys sleeping with you. We had started kennel training but then stopped, he just enjoys being with his family during the night. One of us is all ways home. When we do leave he doesn’t tear anything up or potty in the house. Jack Jack is used to a stay at home family, so would like to continue with this, or he will need a playmate to keep him busy if a family has to work outside the home.  He also needs a secure yard. If you would like to make Jack Jack part of your family please email nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com for an application.