ADOPTED -This beautiful, petite ball of energy is Snow. She’s approximately 3-4 years of age. You might remember our rescue’s pleas for help because she was severely underweight and saved from a situation in which she was living her life chained up outside. After some loving care from her foster home, she is now up to a healthy 46 pounds! Here’s what her foster home has to say about her: “Snow is inquisitive, fun-loving and a great cuddle buddy. Once she bonds with a human, she wants to be that human’s shadow. Do you love hiking? Running? Any other activity where she can burn her energy? Snow is the husky for you! After all, a tired husky is a good husky. She’s a sneaky-sly ninja and a little bit of a counter-thief. She knows some basic commands and is pretty sharp, so she would definitely benefit from training to hone her skills. She would thrive in a husky-savvy home with no small animals and ideally, she would go to a home with a pup that can match her energy. She should not live in a home with young children.” Snow will undergo a spay on May 7th, and will need a couple weeks to recover following her surgery. She will be available for adoption after her recovery. If you want to add Snow to your pack, please email for an application.