Toby is a beautiful male husky-shepherd mix, with bi-colored eyes and absolutely magnificent ears.  He was born on August 7, 2020.  He is neutered and fully vaccinated and at 8 months, he weighs in at 60 pounds. Our life circumstances have changed (illnesses and an elder parent needing to stay with us) and soon I will no longer be able to spend the time necessary to train Toby to be the very best he can be.

Toby is extremely friendly and playful.  He loves to play with any dog at doggie daycare, and the attendants there say he plays so nice that they can put him with any group of dogs.  Toby walks beautifully on a front-clip harness, and he loves to sniff everything as we stroll down the street.  When he sees another dog, however, he is over-reactive because he wants to play.  Other dog owners, who don’t understand that he is still a puppy in training, look at us like we are monsters.  We have been working with a trainer for coping strategies, and there have been so many improvements.  In Toby’s perfect world, he would have another doggie friend to live with and to be a playmate. He doesn’t know how to play nicely with humans.  He greets them so delightfully, with the tail wagging and kisses, but when humans don’t continue to play with him, he gets mouthy and jumpy.  

Toby is very watchful, energetic, and loves to explore the trails around our house.  He will sit and watch squirrels in the trees and the birds fly overhead (and occasionally stalk them when they are in the yard) and loves to watch the golfers drive by on the course in front of our yard.  He never barks at golfers or the maintenance workers, but he seems to know when someone doesn’t belong and will bark at people who do not belong on the cart path.  Toby gets lots of smiles and adoring looks from the passing golfers.  While walking the trails in our neighborhood, he leaves no leaf un-sniffed and loves to collect sticks to carry home.  He always wants to see what is just around the next corner!  

At home, he loves to race around the yard in a speedy figure 8.  We don’t have a physical fence, but he knows the boundary of the Invisible Fence and he’s such a good boy to stay in his yard.  He is never left unattended, so he doesn’t seem to be a digger.  One thing he hates, is the deer that are all over our yard.  With all the construction in our area and the forested areas cleared, there are more deer than ever which is really rough on him!  He also loves to play with his jolly ball and chukka flying squirrel outside. Inside he loves to playwright puzzles, play tug with his favorite tug monkey, chase tennis balls, and play “sled dog” in the living room (I pull him while he “hangs on” to tug rope).  He is a true character. 

Toby sleeps in a crate at night as well as for his naps.  He also tolerates hanging out in his crate for up to 3-4 hours when we have to leave, but he doesn’t like to be in the crate when we are home.  He is housebroken, but does not have full access to the house because he is a power chewer and climbed out of his playpen when he was a tiny pup.  We watch him very closely and provide things to chew on.  He loves antlers and Kongs stuffed with tasty treats.  He LOVES anything chicken related and he hangs out on the couch beside me when I have popcorn, waiting politely for a bite or two.  Toby is not a “cuddler” but does like to lay at the foot of the bed after he rises to go potty in the early morning, and will lay there ever watchful, chewing on his stuffed orca, until I’m ready to get up for good.  He also enjoys a nice relaxing “puppy massage” before he goes in his crate for naps and bedtime, and I love it too because he’s so very soft!  Toby knows “sit”, “down”, “settle”, and “up” (in progress, for getting in to the car).  He also stops and sits when I stop walking.  We are also working on recall skills.  He struggles with “stay” and “off”.  

I love Toby so much, but he deserves so much more than I can give him right now, and I can’t risk harm coming to my 90-year old mother-in-law because of his puppy exuberance.  Toby needs to be in a home where all the humans are on the same page with training, and he needs consistent, frequent training.  He would be a perfect match for an active, outdoorsy family (hiking, etc) with older children/teenagers and ideally with another doggie friend.  He has not shown any signs of fearfulness (except for an orange construction worker vest) and he does not guard resources. He does have a strong prey drive, so no cats, chickens, etc.  

Toby will grow into a beautiful dog and will be a delightful boy with the right training and right amount of activity and enrichment. He is currently near Bremerton, WA.  Please email for an application.

IMPORTANT: NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person, the information has been provided by the family who is fostering her.  As with any rescue dog, all information know is provided to potential adopters. Potential homes will be asked to complete an application and have a yard check to make sure that there is secure fencing.