Kodi – the Alaskan Husky

ADOPTED – Kodi is new to NWSR – he is a wonderful boy looking for his forever home this an active family.  Here is what his previous mom said, she is very heartbroken to have to give him up. “Hi, I’m Kodi, formerly Rio from the Kellogg area.  My Mom, Muzz, adopted me on April 1st, 2021.  I was severely underweight and packed with worms.  My Mom dug right in and got me into Silver Valley Vet clinic with Dr Patty.  Round 2 of worming and change in foods and the first week I gained 1.3lbs.  I was doing well in my new digs.  Then I got carried away with my playing with a chicken a bit to strenuously, that ended in said chicken demise.  1 week later my Mom busted me playing with another chicken.  Mom scolded me and told me that she could not trust me and out came the leads and leashes.  Tuesday night, May 4th (it was midnight and all the animals were up in their pens and Mom thought I was safe), I dug myself into the sheep pin and severely maimed a 4H sheep breaking Payton’s (Mom’s grandkid) and my Moms heart because she thought her only option was to put me to rest, permanently.  Mom cried and cried and God placed in her path the right people to save my life.

I am super smart, trainable BUT I need to be kept off farms and away from farm animals.  Actually anything that takes flight or runs, I’m quite sure just want to play, which does concern me with small children.  I am ok with older kids who are old enough to use commands.  I love treats but being “at-a-boys” and “good dog” are my love language.  I have a major stink eye but love to be loved and love back.  I am completely house trained, travel well (just got off a 1550mile trip to Wyoming in 3 days).  I am skinny but looking forward to all the goodies I’m getting to fatten up:) 

If introduced first I play well with others, although I do get quite excited (plays a bit rough if no intervention) so I must be watched.  My Mom tosses balls to me at least 2x a day and I love to tease her with the ball.  I am loyal and have separation anxiety so I try to stay on my Mom’s heels.  She actually has to lock me out of the bathroom, can you even imagine, lol.  

BTW I’m not fond of guns or vacuum cleaners but I love my Mom’s Harley.

I’m up to date on vaccinations, been to a groomer and a vet, with a clean bill of health.

From the Mom: I’m praying that Kodi goes to the best home EVER!!  This dog is the perfect companion for me, minds very well for a 1year old (DOB 3/30/20). He is neutered and beautiful but a bit skinny.  I have searched for 2 years to find him and NOW have to re-home.  So heart broken!!!!

Please email nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com for an application.