Lucky, originally Loki, will respond to (and ignore) each name equally so the forever family can choose!
Lucky was found with a leg injury in Stockton CA and transferred up to Seattle with the help of NWSDR. He had tendon surgery on his back leg late March and is healing nicely. So nicely that we now have to make sure he has a proper 6ft fence as he is a typical Husky in that regard.  
Lucky is a people lover and well-behaved at home. He’s 100% house trained and has never chewed, even when shoes and other chewables have been carelessly left to tempt him. He welcomes all guests and will take any affection they are willing to give and also gets the hint when ignored. He’s been good around children, especially with a calm introduction, but because of his size probably not the best fit with toddlers.
His current foster would love to keep him but she lives in the city in a condo and this guy would love a yard. The one thing they are still working on is his dog reactivity. In the city he encounters several dogs a day and is getting better all the time, but it is still work in progress. He’s most reactive to smaller dogs who lunge – it’s doubtful that a dog park is ever going to be a good playground. However, he has been successfully introduced to a calm larger dog so a similar sibling is not out of the question.
Lucky has a ton of energy and once his leg fully heals would be a great running or hiking partner. After his exercise he is super chill and and lounges on any spot you’ll let him. Currently he follows house rules of no beds or couches so no habits need to be broken there. He truly is a sweet boy and will make an amazing family member in the right home.