Ghost – Courtesy Listing – Bonded Pair

Hi! I’m Ghost, an energetic 3-year-old male Husky. I am pure white with gorgeous blue eyes, and I weigh about 70 pounds. I am housebroken, kennel trained, microchipped, and in excellent health.

I’m a typical Husky….I need stimulation and regular exercise. A combination of a brisk daily walk, racing around the yard, puzzles, and ‘helping’ around the house tends to drain my batteries. I am generally not destructive, but I’m smart and I will get into mischief if I’m bored. Most Huskies are vocal, but I don’t bark at noises and I wait patiently for my humans to let me out in the morning. I will howl if I’m left alone (which is why my companion Shadow and I are together). A yard with a sturdy fence is a must for me since I love to run and chase.

My humans say I am super friendly and affectionate – rub my belly and I’ll be your friend for life! I’ll probably do OK with little kids but I’ve not been around any yet. I love cuddles, long walks, splashing in the water, and doing puzzles. If you like to take long trips, I am exceptionally well behaved in the car. I know basic commands and I’ve learned to stay off the furniture. I have been working on leash training and I’m learning to walk nicely without pulling.

I am pretty easy going and most of the time I am friendly with other dogs, but I do like to be in charge. I’m obedient but I do challenge my humans occasionally and I need a gentle but firm hand to enforce my limits. I have a strong prey drive and will not do well in homes with small pets. My pal Shadow and I are a bonded pair and we need to be adopted together.

IMPORTANT: NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person, the information has been provided by his current owner. As with any rescue dog, all information known is provided to potential adopters. Potential homes will be asked to complete an application and have a yard check to make sure that there is secure fencing. Please email for an application.