Bandit – Courtesy Listing

This precious boy needs a new home…not because he isn’t deeply loved, but because he IS. Bandit is a 9 year old husky we adopted five years ago when all of our kids were teenagers with the understanding that he was a rescue dog. He had been rescued at a year old after being horribly abused, starved, and thrown out the window of a moving car near a church. We can never know exactly what was done to him, but we know he was in terrible shape when found, was made exceedingly docile from his abuse, and for whatever reason, gets very nervous and even aggressive around small children & small animals, particularly when there is food involved, in spite of extensive pack training. When we met Bandit We had no small children in our family and no small dogs that he would be exposed to and fell in love with him, and he was just so wonderful and so well-trained and so sweet, we of course agreed wholeheartedly that he would be kept away from small children and provide a loving home where his sole trigger would not be an issue. We now have 3 precious grandchildren that love Bandit, and Bandit loves them, but the more mobile they become as toddlers, the more nervous he becomes.

Bandit is sweet, well trained, healthy, neutered & fully vaccinated. He is incredibly loving and adores lots of time with his humans. He loves the outdoors but is also the only husky you’ll ever meet that spends most of his time quietly lounging by the fire or in a puddle of sunlight. He’s not a Barker or chewer, respects authority, and will sit, stay, lay down, wait, come, and eat upon command. He is fully potty trained and outside of illness, has never had an accident in the house.

IMPORTANT: NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person, the information has been provided by his current owner. As with any rescue dog, all information known is provided to potential adopters. Potential homes will be asked to complete an application and have a yard check to make sure that there is secure fencing. Please email for an application.