Panda – Adopted

Meet Panda, a vibrant and beautiful Husky Mix who is a very active 5-1/2 month old puppy. Although she is a Husky Mix, her temperament is all Husky. She is a sibling of five others – a brother and 4 sisters. She gets along great with all her other foster siblings. Two of her foster siblings are small dogs and she loves them very much and understands how to play easy with them since they are much older. The verbal commands she has learned so far are “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Off”, and “NO!” She is still learning to walk on leash and how to behave on car rides.
She is sweet, loves to cuddle in your lap, and gives plenty of kisses for loves and pets. She responds to whistles outside when its potty time and comes when she finishes for approval. This girl will steal your heart at first sight.

Her colors are changing as we thought she was pure white, but some diluted red is showing through as she matures. She enjoys playing with her foster brothers and sisters, napping in her kennel, or chewing bones on the plush bed. She is learning so much and with the right family, she will nestle in quite comfortably. Don’t miss out on this gem, she is ready for her new adventures with you!

An application and yard check is required for adoption. Please email if you are interested in adopting Panda.