Freddie & Nala

Freddie & Nala have been living in a foster home together, they would really like a home with each other. Words from their foster dad:

Fred (Freeway) & Nala are both young pups, 1 known and 1 assumed to be 10 months old when we got them, so just under a yr now. Both are very sweet in the home, and are quite active, with Fred being the clear winner in endurance, speed and agility. Of the two, Fred walks/hikes the best, while Nala pulls steadily and would require more leash training. He is also a fantastic runner/puller while biking.. and could easily train for bike/scooter/skijouring, even seems to be picking up his gees/haws (or is just good at predicting where I will be riding, lol). Training wise, he seems more motivated and interested by activities, rather than tricks, so might take better to agility courses than Nala. (At least as well as Huskies can be expected in agility 😉    is a good example of what ya might expect. Their performance greatly depends how they feel that day  lol.

Nala is velcro, while Fred is a bit of a wall flower, though he LOVES to lean in for pets/floofs when you approach him.

Both kids are still pups, and need to be supervised to chew appropriately. They play husky style, They have some crate experience, Fred is currently vocal once you are gone.
Both seem quite social, though Fred could use some further socialization training, as he is hyper excitable with introductions. (After a while he has been ok with other new dogs, lives fine with my cousins dinky little chihuahua, and only occasionally pesters my aunt’s dinky mop to play)
Cat tolerance is unknown for either, but with huskies, its usually safer to assume not.