Jax – Adopted

Jax is a 2 year old male Siberian Husky. He would do well in an experienced Siberian home where boundaries were set and maintained.  He has a strong drive, loves to roughhouse and would do well with another dog that matched him in strength and temperament. He listens well, seems to get along with most dogs, and was raised with small children. Friendly and responsive, Jax is a smart boy. He is a typical Siberian Husky, who has escaped more than once and gotten himself into trouble, so he needs top security. His yard will require secure fencing, which will prevent him from digging out, going through or climbing over. This is absolutely necessary to keep him safe, and for preventing escapes when he happens to see a chicken or some other small animal stroll by, or when he gets the urge to wander.  Experienced Siberian owners understand this tendency, and can manage accordingly.  Jax would do fine in any housing situation, with daily exercise part of his routine, to keep that body healthy and the brain growing.  Playful and loving, Jax would be a fine companion for an active family.  No cats, or kept separated from the cats. Jax is an indoor/outdoor dog.

Jax will be having his vet appointment soon, for his vaccinations, microchip, and neutering.  Please email nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com for an application to add Jax to your family.