Roxy aka Lexa – Adopted

Hello World!

I am ready! I have recovered from heartworms.

My fosters love me to pieces but I am truly ready for time with people who have more one on one time to dedicate to me now that I am bouncy and able to exercise.

I am doing fantastic and have made so much progress! 

I eat well, and like lots of things and do well on different types of food (the vets had trouble getting me to eat while I was on meds, but my appetite is back now). I am not food aggressive and I can eat anything from kibble to raw. I am treat motivatable for training.

It is really appearing that much of the mood and car stress was due to the meds I was on while getting over my heartworms. Now that I am off them, my personality shines through even more brightly. My only current meds are once a month heartworm prevention. 

I am still super prey driven as many huskies are and am not compatible with small dogs or cats.

I am highly selective in which other dogs I like BUThave been able to form a friendly relationship with my foster’s Grandpa Mal mr. Maxx. I can be on fence line with low key dogs. I will egg other high energy pups on and am not likely to ever be a dog park dog or one to be introduced to many dogs. By egg on I mean that if I can get a reaction out of another dog I will bark and posture and try to get them to react and then puff and ruffle.  I would possibly be able to be part of a two dog household, with a dog that I mesh well with. If you have another dog my foster recommends meet and greet before committing to see if another pup would be the right fit. It is important that my reactivity to other dogs not be glossed over but I am also super chill and feel safe around Mr. Maxx who is a stern but mellow calming pilot dog. 

What we thought was car anxiety/crate car stress looks to be a whole lot like motion sickness (possibly from the meds) I can travel in a car just fine with a little antunasue medication, and once in a car I am good in a crate for grocery stops and the like. 

I sleep well at nite in a crate, and am easy on the house if not crated. I have been test driven in house loose and with people coming and going and will chillax for hours with a dog bed and toy and esp with something to chew on like a marrow bone. 

I have a decent in yard recall and I like to come back inside. I am a nester but not a shredder and I respect furnishings and recognise what is a dog toy and dog beds without invading people items.

I still play fetch and iike to play chase me inside or outside. 

I love cuddles and affections and then like to settle onto my own bed for real sleep.

I AM a runner and need a husky proof fence. I sleep hard after playing hard now that my stamina is back after all my treatment. I am good in an outdoor kennel during the day although I will squeak and lie at first then settle (my foster has watched me on camera and i only squeak when I know people are watching and then I settle.) I am a digger so you will want a kennel inside a yard or a very high fence with buried edging. 

I am playful and loving 

12/1 I’ve passed my blood test!!!! And am cleared for exercise and training!!!!! My weight is perfect, my anxiety is down and I am 100% off medication! Now, lets find my perfect people! The vet says I would be excellent company for a young athletic type who wants active and engaging companionship!!! Meet Roxy aka Lexa (she is currently in a foster home and is looking for her forever home in early December after her heartworm treatment has been completed). Things about Lexa -she is wonderful on leash -she potties on command and given a day or two will let you know which kind she would like to go out and do – she plays fetch – we think someone slipped some retriever into her brain. She is SMART – like puppy menza smart – she is adult but her exact age is unknown – young enough to play, old enough to be great inside and hasn’t shredded anything. She recognizes dog toys vs. people items – she will take treats gently by hand, off flatware, or with kisses. She is stunningly beautiful. She’s a little bitty thing – 60 lbs at healthy weight. (She does very well in hotels, although she likes to hog the bed ��. Calm, quiet, doesn’t react to outside noises) Lexa is has some challenges: NO DOGS she has had bad experiences and then was rushed – she is NOT ever going to be a dog park or doggy day care dog. (Training classes, starting with a “Reactive Rover” type class. Then absolutely anything you would enjoy doing, & will allow her to use her brain. She would be fabulous in any & all dog sports!) She has car /crate anxiety but that is being worked on and is understandable (she has come a long way). She has been reported to have separation anxiety but in her current environment is not demonstrating excessive amounts of stress around normal human timing and is being further evaluated for longer leaves and outdoor kenneling (she is doing great with this!). She has been recovering from multiple heartworm treatments in the last few months, which has kept her activity level extremely limited. Keeping her very quiet, & not letting her get “worked up” at all, had not allowed for much work around other dogs. What she needs: … someone who really desires and wants a SMART dog that wants to delve into your pysche and figure out how to make you play with her (you can literally see the wheels turning with this girl. And, she figures things out fast). … she wants interaction – not just attention – she wants connection and a real friendship – she is looking for a soul/mates in human form … someone who will keep her safe and not allow her to come to harm by putting her back in bad situations for her where she will be scared of other dogs and pre-reacting. SHE needs someone who has her back so she never has to feel a need to raise hackles. Please email for an application to add this lovely girl to your family.