Ember – Adopted

Ember is a sweet boy born in the summer of 2020. He is a red wooly husky with blue eyes and a big heart. He is a smart husky but has unfortunately lived with over 5 families because his original owner wanted a husky puppy but was not prepared to take care of an energetic adult husky long term. Given his rough start, Ember was unfortunately bounced around by different “friends” houses. Ember is looking for a forever home where he can bond, be trained, and played with. Ember is house trained, great with all sizes of dogs, and cat friendly but needs a stern warning from cats to get the hint that they don’t want to play anymore. Ember is great with children but can be skittish. Ember is always hungry and came into rescue underweight. He is not aggressive around food and has never bit any person touching his dish but if you turn your back on him he will try and steal food from other animals, countertops, and your plate. We are guessing he was fed table scraps from birth (maybe he needed to steal food to feed himself) and he needs a consistent feeding schedule with strong table manners training. Over time this can be worked out and he is making progress in his foster family’s home. He loves to snuggle and will come only if invited. He is smart enough to know he is not supposed to jump on your couch but will jump on them if you are not in the room. He is currently trained to “kennel up” in a large 13ftx15ft outdoor kennel with his foster brother but he is not crate trained yet. Given his eagerness for food crate training is expected to go smoothly. Our biggest concern is the way he tries to run out the front door. We are training him to stay off the entry slate but this is the hardest concept for him to learn.

If you are interested in giving Ember the forever home he deserves, please contact us at nwsnowdogrescue@aol.com