Ginger – Adoption Pending

Meet Ginger, aka “Gingi.” She is looking for a lucky new family/person who will enjoy her companionship and meet her needs better than we can. Ginger has a big personality and she’s the funniest, most entertaining dog you’ll ever meet. Ginger is the leader of the pack and will insist on being first on walks or hikes. She really is hilarious and demonstrates a snarky hybrid of wild and domesticated behavior. With that comes her bad habits too. She has a high prey drive and should not be around small animals as she has been known to kill birds and chickens. She could use some better training and structure. Ginger is used to walks on a regular leash and hikes. She would love to have a family/person who takes her on more adventures and a property with the space for her to roam, but not get into trouble by roaming too far. Ginger is very curious and will follow her nose for hours. She cannot be left alone where she has access to anything she can destroy or a way she can escape, because she will. She is a very personable and interactive dog who loves to be loved and rubbed. She may be shy at first, but Ginger will be your best pal in no time once she gets to know you. She is so very sweet and gentle and can get along with any other dog, big or small, and all people including children. Ginger would be happy to be your solo dog friend or have another dog sibling, but no other animals. Ginger LOVES playing with toys and she’s really cute about it. She is used to eating a very healthy diet of grain free food with scraps of some sort on top (broth, egg, fish, raw meat, etc). She’s a bit of a handful, but funny about it and she will win your heart in no time at all. We love her so much and want the best for her so we’re trying to find just the right home where her needs are met. Ginger is like a fury little guru that will teach you lessons you didn’t know you needed to learn. She never barks and is not very talkative for a husky but usually gives a little morning pep talk suggesting you take her somewhere. If you’re an active person/family who is looking to bond with a beautiful animal and can be with her most of the time and go on frequent adventures together, Ginger is your gal! She will entertain you, love you and always be down to go exploring together and snuggle up when it’s time to rest.