Misha – Courtesy Listing

Meet Misha, a 5-year old, male Siberian Husky.

Misha’s current owner says:

“I adopted him from a shelter in Colorado two years ago. Before me, he had 4 other owners. I love him dearly but am struggling to care of myself and him. He has very bad separation anxiety, which makes it difficult to leave my house and I will have to start going back to working in the office in a few months. He adores people and is super cuddly and sweet, but he does not get along well with other dogs. I walk him a mile in the morning and we run three miles every evening and then he likes to play tug/fetch with his toys for a little while. He has a super high prey drive, so he only like toys that look like stuffed animals. He’s a very good boy, and I truly want the best for him.”

IMPORTANT: NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person, the information has been provided by his current owner. As with any rescue dog, all information known is provided to potential adopters. Potential homes will be asked to complete an application and have a yard check to make sure that there is secure fencing. Please email NWSnowdogRescue@aol.com for an application.