Ghost – Courtesy Listing

Ghost, female, 9 y.o., spayed.

Ghost is atypical for a Siberian Husky because she is happy and calm indoors and has never tried to escape our yard. In the woods camping, she will try to run, however. She prefers men, but when she builds trust with you, she LOVES you. A home without other pets or kids would be ideal, as she has shown aggression. She is great with specific kids, but I would feel better if she were in a home without kids so that she can get the attention she needs. She gets very nervous about loud beeps or when squeaky toys squeak. She has a squeaky toy bone that she is very protective of because she thinks it’s her “baby”. She loves walks, but only handles about a mile at a time. She loves vegetables more than any other treats and will come running when she hears a cutting board or the knife block! 

She is on Proin for urinary incontinence. As long as she gets her tablet twice a day (12 hours apart), she does not have issues with dribbles. We just refilled her meds and it is very inexpensive if filled at Costco or with Chewy. 

Ghost is the softest dog I’ve ever pet! We use the mobile groomer for her as a treat because she loves her spa days. She is sensitive about her feet and back end being touched, especially if she doesn’t yet trust you.

Ghost has been very loved and spoiled, but unfortunately has been moved a few times in her life which has caused some anxiety. We don’t come to this decision lightly, but hope that it will be a better fit for her and will allow her to have a happy life because living with twin 15 month olds has proven too stressful for her.  Ghost is currently living in the Spokane, WA area. Please email if you would like an application or more information.

IMPORTANT: Please note this is a courtesy listing NWSR has not evaluated this dog in person and any information is information provided by the owner/other rescue. NWSR cannot guarantee this information or take any responsibility for any inaccuracies in the above listing. As part of our assistance to the owner of this dog we will ask all applicants to complete an application   Please expect that a yard check will be completed prior to adoption to ensure a secure yard for the dog.