Latte is a super smart 1.5 year-old female Siberian Husky. With a beautiful white coat. She was recently spayed and had already had one little. When it comes to personality Latte loves to express herself and has me laughing everyday. She only barks when she’s playing or trying to tell you something. She is a Husky so her being full of energy and super strong shouldn’t be a surprise. She’s a good running partner and of course she loves to pull things. 

She can also be quite the “escape artist” and can run faster than a bullet train. So you’ll always want her on a leash with a Starmark collar which seems to be effective in controlling her. 

Latte is super friendly and not aggressive at all. She won’t be winning any guard dog awards anytime soon as she is a “lover” with friendly, warm characteristics.  She loves to snuggle in bed, sit by the fire or play in the snow but could spend hours chewing on a bone, with the wind in her face out on the deck.

She does well with other dogs. She just needs to learn how to play without overwhelming them with her enthusiasm.  She does have a pretty good prey drive. Not sure how she would do with cats or other fast moving critters.  Latte is located near Spokane, WA.

She is an amazing, loving dog and with the right home she will be a compliment to your family.    

Please email if you would like an application or more information.